About J.F.D.I.

Well after getting ourselves into all sorts of Shenanigans driving the Pan-Am, and thru hiking the Appalachian Trail, we are moving on to our next adventure.

Hikers: Heather and Dan – aka “The Lightfeet”

Heather about to start some stupidly long race - and love every second of.

Heather about to start some stupidly long race – and love every second of.

Not the beers I'll be chasing around the Americas.

Dan runs for beer.








Hometowns: Heather – Toronto, CAN (or more accurately Toronto’s bedroom community of Newmarket), Dan – Brewood a nice village, middle of England, where all the houses have beds (not sure this makes it a bedroom community too).

Occupations: Heather – Radiographer but giving that up to run full-time (will be the slowest, lowest paid pro runner out there!) Dan – According to Heather, something to do with numbers.

Travel Resume:  We have both been lucky to travel extensively together and alone, in fact that’s how we met 10 years ago in the Cook Islands.  Combined we’ve been able to check off all continents with the exception of Antarctica.  Bus, plane, car, foot, bike, train, truck and continuos 3500km walking, we’re willing to do just about about anything to see something new.

Interests:  Traveling (duh), running (specifically trail/mountain running, the longer the better), outdoorsy stuff (camping, hiking, surfing, etc), beer…we probably have more interests than that but typing the word beer has made us decide to go for a pint now.


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  1. Hi Dan and Heather

    Left this message for you on Linkedin

    I have been following your blog with interest and fascination. Man you still have a long way to go (but not impossible) to achieve your goals. I too am an adventurer, travel writer and general gadabout. I have been writing my travel blog for over five years and have been there and done that. You are welcome to contact me at grahamepike@gmail.com or via my website http://www.luxury-thailand-travel.com Love to keep in contact with you and your travels. All the very best to you. Gadabout Grahame


  2. Hi Heather and Dan, it was great to meet you at the NW Overland Rally. I hope you give me a shout when you are in the San Francisco / Sonoma area.


  3. Hey there Heather and Dan! I’m doing a project where I’m following ten exciting, fresh, and interesting bloggers each day for the month of March 2015, and you’re today’s #10! Feel free to come visit me when you can at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com, and follow if you like what you read. Have a good one!


  4. Bruce and I met you at overland rally last June. Been following your adventures and as we are getting our yellow fj and gear together for the rally again I find myself thinking about you guys and some of our talks from last year as we enjoyed our time with you.It is good to know you are still doing well and I hope you continue to do well, hopefully your truck keeps hanging in there and doesn’t require any big repairs. This year we have the fun of Bruce’s brother and his wife joining us at the rally and then we are spending several days sharing with them our favourite parts of the WABDR and we can’t wait. A couple of friends from Seattle are to be at the rally and we look forward to seeing them as we spent time with them in April on the Oregon dunes. We hope all goes without any repaairs as we needed a new alternator when we were in Oregon but it went well and just gave another story to add to our adventures! Keep safe and writing! Blessings, Donna


  5. Great to meet 2 like minded souls …full of fun laughter real conversation and kind hearts. Keep on going


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