Hiking in Our Own Backyard


As mentioned in my last post we had some troubling adjusting to life back in typical society so we decided a backpacking trip was in order.  We decided to visit Killarney Provincial Park in the near North of Ontario (yes Ontario goes so far north we have a near north, but really it’s not that far north compared to the rest of the country).  Killarney is well known for it’s canoeing and pristine lakes but is also home to the La Cloche Silhoutte Trail, a 78km that loops that park.

We decided to take our time on this hike and do it over 6 days and 5 nights which was perfect, one thing I had missed while hiking the A.T. was really taking the time to enjoy the view and hanging out in beautiful campsites.  Although we do feel like we took everything in on the trail, there was an aspect of doing a thru hike that finds you always wanting to keep making miles and pushing on, and realistically you kind of have to if you want to finish the A.T. in 6 months.

Despite doing this hike mid October we got very lucky with the weather, we had rain over night 3 times and one day of ‘overcast will it/wont it?’, but otherwise it  was very pleasant hiking temperatures.

As for the park itself, it did not disappoint, it was stunning.  The fall colours were out in full force, and the best part was that (other than the day we hiked out) we only met two people a day on the trail.  It was amazing to feel like we had all this beauty to ourselves.  The trail basically takes you along the La Cloche range which is made up of quartzite, making for a beautiful contrast of the colours, including caribbean blue lakes, green coniferous and white rock for miles.

The trail is well marked with blue blazes (a bit of a departure after 2200 miles of white ones) with beautifully situated and maintained campsites located on the shores of pristine lakes.

If you’re not into overnight hiking there is a couple of day hikes including the popular day hike up to “The Crack” where you get a fantastic vista of the whole park and Georgian Bay.

This is definitely a hike we plan on doing again, hopefully when we can take full advantage of the lakes and go swimming but I do believe it would be spectacular in the winter.

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  1. We always seem to forget the beauty of our own backyard! Thanks for sharing….as always gorgeous pics! xo


  2. What a stunning hike ! x x x


  3. Great perspective on your hike and I hope you’ll have an opportunity to do it again in the summer. As you suggest, it might be a very different experience in each of the seasons. As always, love all those great photos (especially that one with a book!)


  4. Lots of great pictures and information. Glad you carried Gary’s book along with you. Take care, hugs, aunt Janice

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