Stats North Carolina and Tennessee 

We have combined these two states as the A.T. is also the states borders. 

Miles walked: 386.6 (622.2km)
Money spent: $3420 ($103.60/day) CAD This amount includes about $500 in gear. We had to replace our shoes on short notice and we splurged on nice pillows, we also discovered we needed a new dry sac to hang our food in (that was a wet breakfast) and then we had to buy a new rope (there was a freezing incident). Plus we spent an extra day in Franklin to recover. Anyway we are hoping our spending will start to go down going forward. 
Days in State: 33 
Mountains climbed: 29 (we think)
Trail magic: 12
Beers tried: Forgot to count
Money found: 2.67

For more photos check out our Face Book Page @LightFootTracks


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  1. Beautiful pics, great smiles, love the one of H sitting on her throne! xo


  2. Beautiful pics but think you need to up the money found ! x x x z


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