Trip Stats

Days on the road: 572
Countries visited: 15
Money spent: $61039.15 (daily average of $106.71) [This is in Canadian which would currently be approximately $10 US or £5]
Distance driven: 61274km/38074miles
Longest drive: 937km/582miles
Average distance per day: 107km/66.5miles
Beers tried: 571 (tried 4 more after writing this)
Books read: H=44 D=38 Audiobooks=22
Distance hiked/ran: 1624km/1009miles
Elevation gained: 76215m/250051ft
Number of days we had guests: 99
Mountains climbed:35
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  1. Amazing set of stats, so impressed that you managed to only spend the equivalent of just £5 per day while seeing and doing everything you did ! Should think this set of stats will inspire so many to save up then hit the road !


  2. I worry what the landing looked like on the Truck Hurdle photo…I am guessing (not) graceful!


  3. During your travels, I was able to try 381 new beers so your total is very impressive!


  4. More beers than days on the road Magnificent achievement x x x

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