Stats Argentina

Days in country: 73
Money spent: $5987.96 (daily average $82.03) One time payment of $2786.94 for flights back to Canada and $260 for Zarate port fees.
Distance driven: 10359km
Longest drive: 756km
Average distance per day: 148km
Books read: H=5  D=6 Audiobooks=6
Beers tried: 79
Distance hiked/ran: 47km/29miles (this is actually much higher, but I kept forgetting to bring the GPS)
Elevation gained: 1859m/6099ft
# of times H cried: 0
# of times Dan was pooped on: 0

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  1. I do like the idea of a traditional tea room… With as much tea & scones as you can eat ! x x x


  2. Glad to see Beers still winning x x Nanna

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  3. Way to close it out without any tears or bird poop!


  4. Glad to see there were no tears or poop to deal with? Dad says it was his pleasure to help with the number of beers tried…he likes to do his part. xo


  5. Should not be a question mark.


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