Beer League


Boldly going where few beer drinkers have gone before, I have selflessly dedicated the last 18 months to trying new beers from Canada to Argentina as we traveled the Americas. One could argue that the sheer number of beers (567)tried in such a short period of time is less than admirable, but I do this for you dear reader, I do this for you. The world has long been missing a statistically questionable, one man biased league table of beer producing countries of the Americas (the ones I have visited anyway, should breweries our tourism boards wish to finance a visit to missing countries I will happily oblige).  So here it is.

Beer League Table

That’s right the US of A is not number one and sorry nor is Canada Eh. Yes the beers are excellent and the variety is mind-boggling, but unless you have been living under a keg for the last decade that is hardly news, and come on Canada it shouldn’t cost that much. So that said, I stand by my rankings, Argentina wins, standout breweries such as Manush and Antares produce brews to rival Canada or America. Nuevo Mundo and Barbarian breweries in Peru also managed to knock it out of the park with some creative tipples.

Looking at the bottom of the table, I feel a little sorry for Mexico, they have some serviceable national brands but beyond that they are just rather boring and Chile get your shit together, craft brews tried here ranged from disappointing to disgusting.

Now for a few individual awards.

Best Brewery: Russian River (USA)

Now that's what I call a sampler

Now that’s what I call a sampler

Best looking bottle: Nuevo Mundo PanAm (Peru), it has a truck on it need I say more.


Best National Brand: Tona (Nicaragua), very drinkable beer in the heat

Fridge full of them!!!

Fridge full of them!!!

Worst beer: Tough call between Hernando de Magallanes Rubia (Chile) and Corsa Larger (Bolivia), I could finish neither of these, so let’s call it a draw.

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  1. Thank you so much for your selfless endeavours x x

    Sent from my iPad



  2. I am sure all the beer drinkers out there appreciate all your hard work and will be able to make some informed decisions…lol. Dalton I know enjoyed every beer when we were with you guys. The funniest (you missed that category) was the tiny tiny beers in Hualtulco Mexico! You tried a new beer for every day you were away, another statistic for your adventures!


  3. Your tireless dedication to such an underserved cause will take its rightful place in the recorded history of beer consumption! 🙂


  4. You are the Charles Darwin of craft ales
    There is a reason why your Santa sack patch was a beer bottle !
    Plus I feel that you may need to visit your home country one day and work your way from top to bottom in that same thorough selfless way ! Xxxxxx


  5. pathetic a Trump voter, no doubt.


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