Egg Nog Taste Test


Hola Readers!

We just wanted to let you know that we are home now in Canada, but fear not there are still a few more posts of our Argentinian adventures to come.  I just wanted to clear up some confusion I created with this post.  Our hike of the Appalachian Trail will not begin until sometime in March of 2016 and it will take around 5 months to complete.  Check out for more details.  In the mean time we are back in Toronto waiting for the Hulk to arrive in Jacksonville Florida, then I will go and collect him, once he’s home we can set a date to start the hike.  Is everybody clear?

In the mean time, I will let you know about what egg nog you should purchase this Christmas season.  My Dad and I fearlessly tried 3 types that can be purchased in the GTA area (I know, so helpful for our UK and US friends).  We tried a vegan option called Noel Nog, made from Almond milk, a 1% “premium” version from a grocery chain and a premium egg nog from a dairy.  You can probably already guess which won.

The contestants

The contestants

Noel Nog

Not going to lie, it was gross!  The consistency was so thin it might as well have been cloudy water, not overly flavourful either.  We added some rum to see if that would help, it did not.  If you are vegan, skip egg nog, although this ‘nog’ was the most nutritional (but who drinks egg nog for nutrition?)

Irresistibles Premium Egg Nog 1%

Seriously, why do we bother with light egg nog?  This nog had a thicker consistency than the Noel Nog but was still pretty thin, it was also a horrifying bright yellow, however it at least tasted like egg nog and this time the rum helped.

Kawartha Dairy Premium Rich & Creamy Egg Nog

Get your hands on this stuff!  So delicious (how could it not be with ingredients such as fresh milk, fresh cream, and butter!), it actually was rich and creamy and at 190 calories per half a cup it can also be a meal.  The rum was just an added bonus this egg nog needed no help at all.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Assuming the tasted included Crown Royal in each of them


  2. So glad you helped Dad with his egg nog choices. I have checked the code dates, you do not have long to finish the healthiest one…..I’ll happily drink the ‘help’ no egg nog required!! xo


  3. Hum, I have never tried egg nog but am very impressed at you and Dalt’s commitment ! Have a very merry Christmas ! xxxxx


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