Walking Home


Well, that’s that. We have confirmation of a boat that will return our beloved Hulk home (well, Jacksonville, FL but close enough) and now it’s time for us to think about going home. We still have a few weeks to go and believe me we are not wishing them away, we are just making decisions.

On one of our first hikes in the USA I admitted to Dan that another adventure I would like to take was to thru hike the A.T. or the P.C.T., but it seemed scary as I’ve never back packed for more than 4 nights (which I have done now). When we do back pack, we fast pack, which means we skimp on gear and food, and cover more distance than the average hiker would. What ensued was a 18 month conversation on what we would take on a long hike and what sacrifices would we be willing to make.  Dan claims he wouldn’t bother with a stove, I balk at this because these hikes can take 5+ months, that’s a lot of cereal bars and nuts. But then again (especially with the A.T.) it seems when hikers arrive in trail towns, they gorge themselves on all you can eat buffets and ice cream, so really do you need to cook? The answer for me is a resounding yes, but that’s because I’m always hungry and I like a piping hot meal. After 18 months of talking about it, I posed this question; can we hike the A.T. or P.C.T. before we really get home? Dan’s answer; Hell yes.

So now we had to decide which to go for, both have their pro’s and con’s (the C.D.T. was out the minute I read about the whole trail not being marked or something, we struggle following markers at the best of times), in the end I picked the A.T. because I feel like it’s walking home. I know what you’re thinking, the P.C.T. actually runs right to the Canadian border, but here’s my thinking, B.C. isn’t my home. I love the idea of walking through the (often) ignored Eastern states, and the best part? My Mommy will pick us up and drive us back.

So after driving south for 60 000km we will now turn north and walk from Georgia to Maine over 3500km (anything to avoid getting jobs), through 14 states and on the oldest established trail in the U.S.A.  Some of you may read this and say “I knew it!” others may be saying “what is wrong with them, but boy do I like their stories” and I’m quite sure there is a few wondering “Will it ever end?” These are all fair reactions, to each of you we say “You know us so well” “We don’t know what’s wrong with us, but thanks!” and “Not if we can help it.”

Our overlanding adventure has taught that we really like going over the land, but prefer to do it by foot, so that’s the next step.

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  1. I can see you two still going in electric wheel chairs ,more power to your elbow .onwards and upwards love and envy you Nanna x x

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  2. What a stunning exeprience. Keep on enyoying it!

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  3. Nice to know I am the best part! Oh the places you’ll continue to go….xo

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  4. Here’s a quote that I think applies to you two so very much, David Attenborough said, it but it may well have been you !
    ” I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored ”
    You embrace life with such an adventurous spirt , enjoy and definitely take the cooker !
    Oh , yes we did say we knew it ! xxxxx

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