The Spoiling


As I mentioned in our last post we needed to reach Bariloche by a specific date, that was because both sets of parents were arriving that day and wanted a lift from the airport, we were happy to oblige.  After collecting two sets of parents, a rental car, and a set of keys to a sweet house, our two weeks of fun began….with a soak in the hot tub and lots of wine.

Bariloche was a great base for visiting the Lake District, we started with a Seven Lakes Drive (which we had done but we had better weather with the 6 of us).

We also took a boat cruise to Puerto Blest, which we luckily had a beautiful day for (re: no sea sickness for me).  The boat cruise offered some stunning views and we got to go for a walk to see some cascadas (waterfalls).


We also took  some cable cars up some mountains, Cerro Otto and Cerro Catedral.  Whilst on Catedral we had to leave in a hurry as the weather picked up and they were going to shut down the lifts.


We also had a lot of food, and wine, and beer.

I also took a day off to rest up, but everyone else piled into the Hulk and visited Cerro Trondor.

It was a fabulous two weeks, with four of our favourite people, it also helped that those four people picked up most of the checks, we are so spoiled and we like it.

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  1. We loved every minute of it ! Time spent with our fantastic family ,stunning scenery ,the food and wine wasn’t bad either …. Oh for that hot tub now we are back in blighty ! xxxxxx


  2. Where might one sign up to become your “adopted parents” for a week or two??? How fortunate for all of you! The scenery is unbelievable and it sounds like you had everything to make a two-week reunion a memory of a lifetime. Continue to enjoy every day of your remaining time in Argentina!


  3. Wow, beautiful pictures! I hope the chocolate foxes and penguins will still be there when I visit Bariloche next year! 🙂


  4. Lovely pics x x

    Sent from my iPad



  5. It was indeed a fantastic time. The most stunning scenery, delicious food, great drink all spent with our wonderful family! My Epsom salts baths do not compare to our lovely hot tub with that gorgeous view.🙁 Great memories to last a lifetime! xo


  6. Oh, what beautiful photos. Your dream to visit different places. I loved the house you had but oh the fun to go with it. Miss you, enjoy the trip. Maybe do a book after this!!! Lots of love Janice and Gus


  7. So beautiful! Definitely adding this to our itinerary! It’s so nice that both sets of parents came to visit!


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