Stats Bolivia

Days in country: 13
Money spent: $1616.90 (daily average $124.38) a little high due to our Huanya Potosi climb and a splurge night in a hotel in Uyuni.
Distance driven: 1160km
Longest drive: 363km
Average distance per day: 89km
Books read: H=0 D=0 Audiobooks=1
Beers tried: 17
Distance hiked/ran: 13km/8miles
Elevation gained: 1737m/5699feet
# of times H cried: 1-climbing Huayna Potosi
# of times Dan was pooped on: 0

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  1. Impressive stats 17 new beers in 13 days plus no bird poo !


  2. Let’s see if you can run the table on South America with no bird poo!

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