Stats Peru

Days in country: 82
Money spent: $7652.80 (daily average $93.33) plus one time payment of $200 USD for our tiny bump and $301.57 CAD for new trail shoes and a hydration pack (that will be delivered by our parents soon!)
Distance driven: 6985km/4340miles
Longest drive: 580km/360miles
Average distance per day: 85km/53miles
Books read: H=4 D=2 (and we are both stuck on a book we are not really enjoying) Audiobooks=6
Beers tried: 46
Distance hiked/ran: 316km/196miles
Elevation gained: 14938m/49009ft
# of times H cried: 1=when I was sick (there was a lot going on at home too) 2=when we thought The Hulk was going to be out of commission for 3 weeks (but he wasn’t)
# of times Dan was pooped on:  0 (South American birds don’t seem as interested as the ones in Central America)

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  1. WOWWWWW! Those are some interesting stats, we are going to Peru in a few weeks to surf/trek. Not sure we will spend quite that much but its good to know 🙂


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