Stats Ecuador

Days in country: 57
Money spent: $5815.88 (daily average $102.03)
Distance driven: 2545km/1581miles
Longest drive: 378km/235miles
Average distance per day: 45km/28miles
Books read: H=5 D=5 Audiobooks=3 (just started listening while driving, it’s awesome)
Beers tried: 22
Distance hiked/ran: 144km/90miles
Elevation gained: 9783m/32096.5ft
# of times H cried: 4
1.  On my birthday cuz a had been having a bad day and then I got the cutest video from my nephew, so I cried.
2. A few tears on Pichincha-my fear of falling)
3. Illiniza Norte-turns out I have a fear of falling AND of being roped to people who might fall
4. Cotopaxi-my emotions ran the gauntlet after we had to turn back, anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness.
# of times Dan was pooped on: 0

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  1. What are some of the Ecuadorian beers that you would recommend?


  2. It sounds like you had good reason for your crying H, especially the video from Fletcher, but those were tears of joy! Glad to hear you are enjoying the audio books. Keep having fun. xoxo

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