Going Ga Ga for the Galapagos


Early on in the planning stages we had decided that we would be going to the Galapagos Islands.  Dan had visited them in 2004 and had really enjoyed the experience, he wanted to go back and wanted me to see these wonderful islands.  So we saved a chunk of money that we thought would cover our side trip (luckily it did, just).  As we travelled south and took boats elsewhere I became increasingly concerned about being on a boat for a week as many of our 1 hour boat rides would leave me hanging over the rail, losing my lunch and my dignity.  I found that most over the counter motion sickness tablets did nothing at all, a scopolamine patch that I wore on our ferry crossing for 20 hours, helped but I was so out of it that I didn’t think that was a viable option, as I would not be enjoying all the sights if I was doped up and asleep.  We read about “land based” tours, but a boat was still involved most days, so in the end after talking with other travellers and tour agents we bit the bullet and booked an 8 day cruise.  Seasickness be damned!

So after careful research and realising the only cruise that we could afford was to be on the King of the Seas, we booked, managed to get ourselves a room with a nice big window which would be a life saver.  We were joined by 10 other awesome people, some of whom would switch with other awesome people half way through the week.  The boat itself was tiny, but we got our own bathroom and they even had hot water.  We were fed very well and constantly.  I didn’t get sick once, although a few times I had to go lie down (very glad I brought my iPod) when it was really rough, as did others.

There was usually 2 excursions a day, one snorkel and one walk of an island.

The rest of the post is mostly going to be pictures because I don’t think I can really explain how wonderful this trip was.  Editing our pictures was an adventure in itself, we took so many pictures.  All I can say is that the Galapagos should be on your travel wish list.

The boat

Under the Sea

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I wish I was a better diver, there would be better pictures, although underwater photography is hard!

On the Sea

On terra firma

The land

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The birds

The sea lions

The iguanas

And the rest

Although visiting the Galapagos can be very expensive, we have yet to meet anyone who didn’t think it was worth it.  We had a fantastic time and would go again in a heartbeat.

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  1. From your simply outstanding photos it’s easy to see why you were so enthralled with the Galapagos! Glad you found it so rewarding after the apprehension of sea travel.


  2. So glad that you were able to enjoy the trip H, it looks unbelievably beautiful with so many breathtaking sights , the pictures are as usual stunning , this would definitely be on my wish list xxx


  3. So glad it was smooth sailing and you were able to enjoy your Galapagos island cruise. Your pics are as always stunning! Galápagos Islands are on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing. xoxo


  4. I thought you weren’t going to include me in this one – we spoke about how I don’t deal well with jealous!

    Only kidding, the post sounds and the photos look amazing. Really glad that you had such a good time and will be sure to seek out a boat with a window if/when I get to follow in your footsteps.

    Hope you’re enjoying Peru (assuming you managed to leave Ecuador without too many tears).



  5. It looks amazing there.


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