Stats Colombia

Days in country: 25
Money spent: $2731.69 (daily average $109.27) [Colombia was cheap except for gas and the trek to the Lost City was expensive, which is why this number is a little high]
Distance driven: 2628km/1633miles
Longest drive: 384km/238miles
Average distance per day: 105km/65miles
Books read: H= 1+1DNF D= 1
Beers tried: 13
Distance hiked/ran: 108km/67miles
Elevation gained: 2840m/9317ft
# of times H cried: 1-trekking to the Lost City, lets just say that the sleeping situation was less than ideal and a full on melt down ensued.
# of times Dan was pooped on: 0

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  1. Yes, I remember the picture of that and I am surprised any sleeping was involved, plus I believe a certain someone was not well. I think the crying was justified. Time has a way of tempering reality, in a few years, maybe even now it will not seem so bad and it will be a great story to tell. Keep on having fun! xo

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  2. Love the dinosaur skeleton , not sure what it is but looks awesome .
    Keep on having fun and take care xxxxx

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