Stats Panama

Days in country: 12
Money spent: $1686.49(daily average $140.54)
One time payments: Ferry $487.90 Gear $558.18 The Hulk $345.91
Distance driven: 736km/457miles
Longest drive: 484km/300miles
Average distance per day: 61km/38miles
Books read: H=1 D=1
Beers tried: 15
Distance hiked/ran: 29km/18miles
Elevation gained: 6017m/19740feet
# of times H cried: 0
# of times Dan was pooped on: 0 but H=1

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  1. Looking at the pics can see why you where somewhat concerned with traffic in Panama ! Just had a thought does the Hulk get pooped on or is it just you two ? xxxxx


  2. Glad to see that the crying is well under control, now if you could only do the same for the bird pooping. Are you sure you do not have a pet bird? Ferry looks like a comfortable ride! xoxoxo


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