A Rainy Day Post


It’s a rainy day today here in Ecuador, so we are just hanging out in the camper (so thankful that we have a camper) catching up on emails, reading, etc. and I found an old email from our friend Mitch who basically asked what the heck we actually did all day.  Here’s your answer Mitch and anyone else who has ever wondered.

1. Drive.  This seems obvious right?  Thankfully we don’t have to drive everyday, some days are longer than others but we spend a lot of time in the truck.


2.  Explore.  Another obvious one.

A big part of exploring is taking photos, Dan can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to pictures so I often end up standing around taking pictures of him.

Ok but that was the stuff that you knew about, here’s the boring and mundane, not that I’m complaining at all.

3. Fix Stuff.  Sadly things can go wrong, fall apart, break, etc.  Once outside the U.S.A. it can get  little tougher to just replace things, so we get creative and fix them if we can.


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4. Clean the Hulk.  We still have to clean our home everyday (even more than at our condo) because it’s a tiny space.  That being said it’s a tiny space and takes 5 minutes.  Once and a while we’ll do a “big clean out where we shake out the cushions and wipe out the cupboards but that’s not often.  It’s a simple job.  Keeping the outside of the truck is harder to stay on top of because it’s dirty again as soon as you turn out of the “lavadero” but it has to be done.


5. Drive people around.  We like having visitors, transporting backpackers and picking up hitch hikers (but only the not murdery looking ones).


6.  Stay in touch/blog/administration.  I spend more time on the computer than I did at my job (I didn’t have a computer based job so it’s not a difficult feat).  Staying on top of our finances (a necessary evil), dealing with our tenants (who are moving out, anyone know someone looking for a furnished condo in Toronto?), blogging and uploading our photos to our Flickr page take up way more time than I ever really considered.

Me in the office "working"

Me in the office “working”

7.  Meet awesome people.  We miss our awesome people at home, so it helps to find awesome people on the road.

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  1. Always lots to do no matter where we are! Do not forget all the time you need to drink the great beers, lovely wine and eat the yummy food! xo


  2. I also remember all the laundry you have to do too ! Mind you there is all the drinking and yummy food you get to try xxxxx


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