Stats Nicaragua


Days in country: 31

Money spent: $2486.68 (daily average $80.22)

Distance driven: 972km
Longest drive: 166km
Average distance per day: 31km
Books read: H=7 D=5
Beers tried: 9
Distance hiked/ran: 46km/28.5miles
Elevation gained: 1682ft/512m
# of times H cried: 0 (back on track!)
# of times Dan was pooped on: 1 H=1 (sigh)

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  1. These birds have no respect – they treat everyone like a public convenience !


  2. I think you should be trying to go for some kind of record with the bird poop thing…I mean really Dan you really have been pooped on more than the average person, so far on this trip. Now I think it is some kind of sport.


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