Honduras Part 2: I Think We Got Ourselves A Convoy

We did it, we left the brewery.  But have no fear we found another.
When I say we, I mean a small group of us, AJ, Kat and Dog decided to join us going to Copan Ruinas and we gave a ride to two English blokes, Harry and Charlie.  Our motley crew set off and found the perfect place to park, right across from the Copan Ruins entrance, however we couldn’t get set up straight away as the parking lot was also the football field and there was a match scheduled for later.  We kept ourselves busy by walking to town and locating Copan de Sol, a German owned micro brewery.

This was at the beginning of the night

Thomas, the owner, brew master and provider of authentic German sausage, welcomed us like old friends, and the night turned it a late and drunken affair.  The next morning we did not get the early start we’d hoped for in the ruins, but at least we only had to walk across the road.
The Copan Ruins are some of the best preserved Mayan Ruins in Central America. The detail was quite impressive, although the whole “feel” of the site was too manicured for us, we preferred the wild jungle of Tikal.

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That night we decided to go and camp at some hot springs 20 km from the ruins, 90 minutes later we arrived, only to discover that access to the hot pools was a big deluxe package thing way out of our price range.  We had to settle for a luke warm pool, but Kat made a slap up dinner to make up for our hot spring disappointment.
While we had been in Copan, Kat got an email from a friend who was going on a cruise that would be docking in Roatan in a couple of days, Dan and I had been thinking about going to Roatan too, so it didn’t take much persuading to convince AJ, Kat and Dog to join us!  The next morning our little convoy set off for La Cieba where would need to catch the ferry. Unfortunately for me the weather was not so great and I ended up being very much unwell on the crossing, however I would say the ferry crew were very good, every time I was sick someone immediately gave me a fresh bag and some paper towel.
On the island we had rented a house in Sandy Beach, it was perfect, the dog even got his own room!  The next couple of days were passed in idle bliss, we would wake, make some eggs, go to the beach, swim, snorkel, repeat. The day Kat’s friends docked they went to the cruise ship to meet them and Dan and I headed to West End to rendezvous with Patrick (look for an FBI hat) who would be taking us out snorkelling for the day on his boat.  Funny story, turns out it wasn’t his boat, but we met the real owner, Big John, and a fun day was had by all.
Eventually it was time for us to head back to the mainland (where I was not sick on the way back!) and onto our next destination Trujillo. The guide-book made the town sound really quaint and there was hiking right outside of town in Capiro Calentura National Park, so it sounded like fun.  The reality was a weird little town with a fort and we were all sweating buckets by the time we hit the trail head.  However we pressed on with the hike and found a nice waterfalls, eventually though it started to rain and the trail was this sticky clay stuff, so we turned back as we’re not going to get the views were hoping for.

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Still feeling the need to hike a little more we made our way to La Tigra National Park.  We decided to take the “still being built to Telica road” which we had heard was being paved.  We asked our host, Gunter, before leaving Trujillo if he thought the road would be ok for us, he just smiled and said we’d get some great views, hmm.
The road turned out to be fantastic when it was paved.  But the first 60km was not paved, a bit of it was graded dirt road, but eventually that turned into a muddy mess with some tracks.  There was still transport trucks using this “road” it was kind of crazy, but actually fun (although slow) and we were happy to be travelling with another vehicle “just in case”.

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The road to El Rosario was ok, and there was even a sign for the park when we turned off the highway. But in the town we weren’t sure which fork to take, I asked a gentleman and he pointed way up the hill to a white speck and said that’s the entrance, hmm, this was going to be interesting.  Basically the park entrance is 2km straight up from town, 4×4 was required and sometimes we needed 2 tries to get around the tight switchbacks, but somehow we both made it to the “Eco lodge” which just barely had space for the two of us to park outside of.

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It was worth it though, it was one of the quietest places we’d slept in a while.  However we woke up enveloped in a cloud. We decided to hike anyway, that was way too long of a drive to not hike.  Off we went in search of the “cascada grande”, what a beautiful hike we ended up with.  We had the park to ourselves, the trails were in excellent condition and there were even directional signs! And the “cascada grande” was stunning, there was probably lots of wild life to see, but we are learning that you don’t get to see much wildlife when hiking with a dog.
Our little convoy set off down the crazy steep road, managed to negotiate Tegucigalpa, and not have our trucks swallowed by the holes in the road en route to our next border.
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  1. Another series of spectacular photos and incredibly beautiful scenery with an excellent narrative! Nice you could meet up with some companions. Continue to enjoy this outstanding voyage and keep those pictures and stories coming. They’re great!


  2. As always, beautiful pics…oh the places we still have to go! xo


  3. Keep the stories coming Heather and Dan I love them.


  4. Beautiful falls pictures, not to mention all the rest of them, continue the good work in helping all of us left behind in cold wet UK escape to exotic climes for a short while ! xxxx


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