Welcome to Honduras and 2015


Ah, Honduras, where everyone had assured us that we would be murdered. I hope Honduras can shake this bad rap one day as it is a lovely country, filled with wonderful people and so much to see, we barely scraped the surface.
Our arrival into Honduras was a bit of a gong show, starting with the fact that El Salvador didn’t want to let us leave, why? Because we apparently never checked in.  Except that we did, thankfully we had the truck paper work to show where and when we’d arrived in El Salvador, I had questioned the guy at immigration when he did absolutely nothing with our passports, but he assured us that we were fine to proceed, so I was a little annoyed when 7 days later we were being accused of skipping immigration.  However, smiles go further than evil looks, and eventually we were on our way.
Then our muffler broke and fell off.  We heard this strange noise and immediately pull over to inspect, then the police showed up, they were already to help us change our tire but we were able to convey that it was our muffler, so they left, but that was ok, we have zip ties.
Back on the road we were now concerned that we would not arrive at our intended destination before dark, and although the distance wasn’t very far Honduras has the worst roads we’ve seen so far, but we made the decision that we were not going to stop until we got there, it was a brewery, Dan was on a mission.
A full an hour and a half after dark we rolled into the D&D Brewery, Dan with white knuckles and me with a few more grey hairs, but we had made it!  We proceeded to sample all their brews and have a delicious meal, then we crawled into bed and slept for 12 hours.
D&D is located near Lago Yojoa, known for bird watching, and there are also some ruins, the brewery itself is in a beautiful jungle setting, perfect temperature and great atmosphere making it difficult to leave, so on day 2 there we didn’t (expect to spend $10 getting our muffler welded at the neighbours).  We also met two Canadians escaping winter on their motorcycles, Elle and Grant.
Elle and Grant from Alberta, they don't like the cold so they ride their bikes down south every year

Elle and Grant from Alberta, they don’t like the cold

Next day though was New Years Eve and we were reunited with our friends AJ, Kat and Alex, the brewery (also a hostel) was heaving.  AJ is a professional photographer so we had some fun with our sparklers and I don’t know how but nobody was injured during the fireworks, although I am concerned about my hearing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next day we took our hung over butts to the lake for a walk around the ruins of Los Naranjos.
Of course we finished off our day with more beer and delicious food and card games with new friends.  Tune in next week to see if we actually leave D&D.
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  1. Glad you guys made it to that brewery. It has been on our to visit list for a while 😀 Good beer is important—Well worth breaking the no driving at night rule for!


  2. Well I know for a fact as much as you may have wanted to stay you did leave….because you are here with us in Costa Rica! xo


  3. Those sparklers are brilliant! Everyone seems convinced we’ll get killed as soon as we cross the American border into Mexico. Keep having fun and hopefully our paths will cross at some point.

    Also, we nominated you for the Liebster award. You don’t have to participate but it is a great way to help get your blog noticed and connect with other bloggers. If not it’s no biggie.

    Check out the link if you want to participate.


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