Stats Guatemala



Days in country: 29

Money spent: $2734.65 (daily average $94.30)

Distance driven: 2021km/1256miles

Longest drive: 403km/250miles
Average distance per day: 70km/43.5miles
Books read: H=1 D=1
New Beers tried: 14
Distance hiked/ran: 66.4km/miles
Elevation gained: 20383ft/6213metres
# of times H cried: 0 (yeah that’s right)
# of times Dan was pooped on: 1
# of times someone hit the Hulk:
1. Us, on a gnarly switch back
2. Work crew backed into us while we were trying to go around, we stayed eerily calm, not a tear shed.
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  1. No crying…H, such progress, or maybe things are getting easier. Dan , hope no more getting pooped on by birds. Keep having fun and enjoying your adventures. xo


  2. Great stats, poo figures down, tear figures non existent !!!! Good to see new beers tried still ongoing !


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