Stats Mexico

Days in country: 64
Money spent: $5830.46 (daily average $91.10)
Distance driven: 7265km/4514miles
Longest drive: 749km/465miles
Average distance per day: 114km/71miles
Books read: H=4 D=2 and dnf’d 1
New Beers tried: 3
Distance hiked/ran:113.7km/70miles
Elevation gained:10452ft/3186m
Pylons hit: 1
One time cost for truck repair: $1076.60
# of times a bird pooped on Dan: 2
# of times H cried: 7
1. Day 3 in Mexico, had a small melt down due to feeling overwhelmed and underwhelmed all at the same time.
2. When our insurance company wouldn’t re insure us for the USA (thank you to my parents for helping with that!)
3. When I found out my Grandpa was is palliative care.
4. When my Grandpa passed away
5. When nothing went right the day before I flew home (thanks to Calvin at OO for the calming Mezcal)
6. I also cried to cut the queue for Metro tickets on my way home (my bus to Mexico City was very late), nobody wants to deal with a crying Gringa in a subway station.
7. When we found out about our friend Ryan’s medical emergency.

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  1. Seems like you were justified with majority of tears H , sometimes , as you both know, life isn’t as smooth as we would wish, but its how you deal with the lumps in life that make you who you are, and you two are pretty special ! Stay safe and keep on enjoying the adventure, love you both loads xxx


  2. H, you had very good reasons for your tears. Remember ‘Crying is not a sign your weak, since birth it’s always been a sign you are alive!’ The rest of your stats look pretty good. xoxo


  3. Did Dan cry the 2 times he was pooped on by a bird…interesting that this stat was next to Heather’s cries…just wondering….
    If I was pooped on twice…i might have at least cried a bit the second time.


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