I Need Home For A Rest*

We knew this might happen, but when it does you’re never really prepared for it.
My Grandfather passed away on November 3, he was 94 years old and had an amazing life, but it was still shocking and sad.
Me and Grandpa in 1979

Me and Grandpa in 1979, we had the same hair style then.

The choice to go home for the funeral was easy, the hard part was leaving Dan behind and the Hulk.  It turns out you can’t just park your moveable home on the streets in Mexico for a few days, especially when the home is awaiting parts to be fixed. But timing is everything and luckily Dan was left in good hands with Calvin and Leanne at the Overlander Oasis near Oaxaca, it also lucked out that half of Neli’s big adventure were also staying there, so at least he had some company.
"Don't worry Heather, we'll take care of him"

“Don’t worry Heather, we’ll take care of him”

My trip home was intense, the 6 hour bus ride to Mexico City took 8 hours and left me crying in the subway ticket queue, unsure I’d make my flight. Lucky for me men don’t like to see crying white ladies, so I was sent to the front of the line, once at the airport I had to run, thankful that I am a runner and didn’t have much with me.  I flew through self check-in, thanked the heavens for a short security  line and made my gate by my boarding time-only to see that the flight was delayed.  Well at least I got a few minutes to breath, the few minutes turned into 45 minutes by the time we boarded and now I was worried about my connection in Dallas (along with many other passengers).  Once landed in Dallas I was on the run once again, clearing customs and cutting the security line with my tears once again. I found my gate about 10 minutes after my boarding time-only to see no one boarding, in fact our plane hadn’t even arrived yet. So I ended up arriving home about an hour later than expected but at least I was home safe and sound and not stranded in an airport.
Kitty cuddles make everything better.

Kitty cuddle make everything better.

My 6 days home flew by, I spent a lot of time with my Grandma and Mommy, which was the whole reason for going home. The funeral came and went, with it tears and smiles and reminiscing and seeing people who you only seem to see at weddings or funerals. I managed to catch up with some friends and pick up some goodies to take back to Dan. I got to meet the newest member of our clan born October 13, and hang out with my precious nephew and some of my other sweet little cousins. It was easy being home, restful, I needed it.
One thing I realised while home and reminiscing about Grandpa was just what an influence he had on me.  I like to run ultras, in the woods, over tough and gnarly terrain with breath-taking sights, it never occurred to me that my Grandfather influenced that back when I was a kid.  I was lucky enough to spend a good chunk of my summers in Northern Ontario with my Grandparents, my Grandpa would think nothing of taking us on 5-6 hour hikes in the bush, we didn’t bring anything with us, we just drank from the lakes and ate berries along the way, suddenly I understand why I don’t think it’s weird to run for 24 hours in the bush.  Also my Grandparents travelled a lot, and I loved hearing their stories when they returned. For their honeymoon they took 5 weeks to drive to California, why? Because grandpa liked to drive and he had a new car.
So maybe I’ve taken things he loved to do a bit further than he ever did, but it’s nice to realise that maybe I’m not so different from my family after all.
 *line from Spirit of the West’s hit song, home for a rest
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  1. Grandpa was so very proud of you H and D too! You have so many of his wonderful qualities, including his sense of adventure. I know if Grandpa’s health had allowed it he would have loved joining you on part of your journey, and I know in my heart even now he is with you every mile of the way. xo


  2. Your blog brought a lump to my throat,what a beautiful tribute to your grandpa , you know what they say about the apple not falling far from the tree, though I do think you are a more concentrated apple ! I am sure he will be watching and relishing all your adventures. xxxx


  3. Your Grandpa was an extraordinary guy! I have no doubt he was very powerful influence, and I think you have learned well all that he was able to impart!


  4. Lovely photo Heather so sorry about your Grandad really feel for your mum and gran but you are back safe and sound with Dan love to you both Nanna x x

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