Huatulco – A Vacation from our Vacation


After driving the twisty, hilly and winding road from Oaxaca to Bahia Santa Cruz we were ready for a vacation, especially as our speed sensor was broken and our ABS would come on when it felt like it (more on that in another post).

It's going to be an interesting day when the GPS looks like this.

It’s going to be an interesting day when the GPS looks like this.

We arrived in Santa Cruz a day before my parents after reading just how long it would take us to go 285 km (8.5 hours!). We spent the night between towering resorts at the municipal campsite, however we couldn’t get to the beach due to flooding, so we went and had a very expensive meal instead (seemed appropriate seeing that our daily spending was about to plummet for a week).
Us and them

Us and them

We picked up the parentals from the airport and took them straight to the sea front condo that they had rented, Dan and I were giddy with excitement over the prospect of luxury, and we were not disappointed.  We had our own room with air conditioning and our own bathroom, the view wasn’t half bad either.
Our first full day in Santa Cruz was spent on the beach, reading, swimming and catching up, what an awesome day.
Catching up in a perfect setting

Catching up in a perfect setting, thanks for walking out of the photo Dad!

Day 2 we ventured into the mountains, Dan and I should have realised that this was probably not the smartest idea, but who can resist something called “The Magic Falls”?  The 30km drive took nearly 3 hours!  The falls themselves were pretty, but it had rained so much that there was a crazy current and we couldn’t get into the caves, so was it worth it, not really, but I do feel like we gave my parents a true impression of what some of our days are like.
Day 3 we spent the morning on the beach and the afternoon and evening in La Crucecita aka “town”.  Mom and I had fun shopping and sampling food from pretty much anyone who walked by selling something, Dan and Dad on the other hand “learnt” Spanish while drinking copious amounts of beer, Dan couldn’t tell you where we went to dinner that night and my Dad foolishly ordered the gross ice cream treat that I had in Mexico City.  Mom and I had a lovely time.
Day 4 had a cruise ship coming to port at Santa Cruz, my Mom and I sat drinking coffee on the balcony watching the behemoth cruise ship back in, when it was finally close enough to read its name, my Mom started laughing. Turns out the Norwegian Star was the same cruise ship my parents were on 15 years ago for their 25th wedding anniversary, what are the chances? Since it seemed that Santa Cruz was going to be busy we ventured to a different beach, Playa Entrega. Feeling adventurous we decided to walk, bad decision, it’s a long, hilly walk, but the reward was fantastic.   The water is more protected than it is at Santa Cruz so it’s clearer and there is a reef, so even with out a mask and snorkel there were lots of fish to see.  We wisely took a cab back.
Day 5 we rented a boat and took a tour of the 9 bays of Huatulco, Benny our driver and guide expertly took us to all the bays, where we snorkelled and sometimes went ashore, it was amazing as we were the only ones there.  We lunched at San Agustin, which was the only bay that was built up, swimming before and after lunch, then we headed back to Santa Cruz, but not before spotting a pod of dolphins!  It was so cool to glide alongside such beautiful creatures.
Day 6 our last full day, was spent doing some last minute gift purchasing (my parents, not us) and then just relaxing on our beach. We had such a great time together, ate some delicious food, drank some fantastic margaritas (made by Dan, they really were our favourite), saw some beautiful sights and relaxed.  It’s good to take vacation once in a while, even if you are on vacation…..
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  1. In our defence we had a rather fun time, from what I remember, we may or may not be able to recall anything we learned.


  2. Oh H, you made me laugh, especially remembering the horrible ice cream flavour your Dad chose and the tiniest beers in the world. We had a fantastic time, glad you did too. Dan does make the best margarita’s, they were delicious. I loved our day with Benny all the beautiful beaches all to ourselves. Huatulco is a beautiful place and we have such wonderful memories. xo


  3. Oh and I have never been on roads like the ones we were on in Mexico!!!!


  4. Looks like you guys are having an ok time. I’m sure though, you’d much rather be enjoying the most gorgeous dumping of snow we just received here at home! #sojealousrightnow! Looks like an amazing place to get away from your vacation 😉


  5. Hi guys, I’m glad you had a lovely time in Huatulco, Mike and I lived there for 2 years before we came to live in England.
    La Entrega and San Agustin bays were Mike’s favourite as well as Puerto Angel and Puerto Escondido.
    we tried chapulines too, little bit salty is a delicattesen in that area, tlayudas were my favourite, huge tortilla with refried beans and cecina (smoked meat).
    all your pictures are amazing and you two look amazing. we love guys. take care. x x x
    cuidense y hasta la vista chicos. x x


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