USA Stats

Days in country: 93
Money spent: $11 057.28(daily average $118.90)
Distance driven: 13875km (8621.5 miles)
Longest drive: 791km (491.5miles)
Average distance per day: 149km (92.5miles)
Books read: H=7 D=8
Beers tried: 249
Miles hiked/ran: 506.4km (314.7miles)
Elevation gained: 77,868 ft (23,734 m)
# of times H cried:

1. After pouring boiling over her hand, the tears were more for the mess made, her asbestos hand was ok (years of scrubbing under too hot of water, medical workers, sheesh)
2. Mt. Massive summit
3. Longs Peak- just kind of fell apart up there.



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  1. For this leg of journey only you should have included how many nights you managed to sleep in Hulk !!


  2. And how many guests you had! xo


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