Camping For Dummies

The Canadian Parents

Our original idea when we were planning our trip to join the kids in California with Ann, Gaz, Dalton and I was to rent an RV and drive it from Vegas to San Francisco along with the HULK. Not the huge 40’ kind, just a nice 23’ model. That idea was quashed when we found out there is something called a ‘Burning Man’ Festival (yes they do burn a giant fake man at the end of the festival) that takes place in Nevada, right around the time we were planning to visit. Apparently all of the RV’s get rented right after the festival for the next year. Any RV’s that we did find were so overpriced we could have stayed at the Hilton every day. So in the end; and I must say that it worked out for the best we ended up renting a car and staying in a wide array of accommodations.

Heather and Dan were in charge of finding the accommodation for our stay in Yosemite National Park. I remember Heather calling and asking “how rustic are you willing to go”? I know why she was asking, Ann and Gaz camp, as a child I camped a lot , but not since I have been married have Dalton and I camped. But hey, we stayed at a hostel in Johannesburg, Lima and Aguas Calientes as well as the Bates motel near Madoc one Christmas, so I think we can handle rustic.

California Dreamin 160

Yosemite National Park is absolutely gorgeous, the scenery is jaw dropping. There is so much to see and something to do for everyone. One of our first stops was to take an amazing hike and climb Lembert Dome, our first 9er ha ha. We stopped for a wonderful picnic lunch. Heather and Dan have making wraps on the road down to a fine art…delicious. Our next stop was to hike to the Giant Sequoia’s, (cousins to the giant redwoods), and then on to ‘Housekeeping Camp’ our home for the next two nights. It was very busy at ‘Housekeeping Camp’ so I figured it was popular. We checked in, picked up our linen and headed to our campsite. We ended up with a gorgeous spot right by the river.

California Dreamin 129 California Dreamin 135 California Dreamin 130

Housekeeping camp is great! ‘Camping for dummies’ really. Each site consists of 3 cement walls a cement floor a canvas roof and a big shower curtain door. Inside is a double bed, a set of bunk beds (linen is supplied) and shelves. The beds were actually pretty comfortable. The cots that Heather and Dan slept in were not. So they slept in the HULK the second night where they have an incredibly comfortable bed, problem solved. There is a lovely patio/kitchen out front with a counter and a picnic table all of this with a huge canvas fly over all of it. And I could not believe we had electricity inside and out. We even had a BBQ and our own Bear Locker. I have to say that I have never stayed anywhere a Bear Locker was required and I learned all of our food and toiletries had to be stored in it. Who knew Bears liked to smell good and wash their hair. Heather and Dan did all the cooking. We enjoyed delicious kabobs one night and burgers the next. We had the advantage of being able to use the refrigerator in the HULK. The only thing we did not have was indoor plumbing, but the bathrooms were close by and they were not outhouses. We even had a shower house with lots of hot water and towels provided. There was even a store to buy our beer, wine and ice to keep it all cool and you could go and get your coffee in the morning. And this was supposed to be roughing it!

California Dreamin 158 California Dreamin 183 California Dreamin 157 California Dreamin 156

We had such a great time, the weather was lovely, the scenery breathtaking and wonderful company to share it with. One of my favorite memories is sitting by the fire one evening under a brilliant starlit sky making s’mores for Ann and Gaz for the first time. And the most amazing thing of all, especially for anyone who has spent time in the big outdoors of Ontario was there were NO MOSQUITOS!!!

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  1. As added accommodation bonuses, it seems you didn’t need to carry heavy luggage on your lap the entire trip there, nor enjoy the midnight arrival of a train about an arms’ length from your room!


  2. Exactly, we had a lovely town car, lots of room for luggage and no trains for miles!


  3. Brilliant Blog ! It brings back great memories, don’t think we stopped laughing all holiday, Well maybe while hiking up Lembert ! Gaz says we were ” Glamping ” glamorous camping , but I think that’s stretching it a bit, was a great site though, it reminded us why we like camping, we had such fun, with fantastic company.


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