The Grape and The Grain


Sonoma was our next stop and where the real luxury for Dan and I was to begin (rented houses, paid for hotels, complete spoiling from the parents, etc) but first we had to make a stop at the Four Wheel Camper factory. Within a few days of getting the camper we started to notice foam coming out of the door frame, it was just insulation and hardly anything to worry about, so we cut the bit off and carried on.  As time went on we noticed more and more of it coming out, so we contacted the Canadian distributed, Gary and he talked to the factory and we were told we could just pull it out and seal it with silicone. But we already on the road and yes we could’ve bought the sealant and done it ourselves but instead we decided to go to them on our way through and have them fix it. Thankfully we had already made our appointment at the Woodland, CA factory when our weather stripping came off about two weeks before we were to go.  We again contact the factory to make sure this didn’t need immediate attention and they assured us that it’s more cosmetic and an extra layer of protection, they also have never seen or heard of this happening before.

So we were excited to get to go and see where or home was built. Everyone was very friendly and the Hawk was all fixed up and ready to go in less than an hour. The door looks good and no more dirt is getting in and the new weather stripping has extra screws.

The house the parents had rented in Sonoma was lovely (we even had our own bedroom!) with a beautiful garden, we ended up eating a few meals out there.

Hanging out in the garden

Hanging out in the garden

Our first full day started out with us going to Santa Rosa, I’m not really sure why, but Dan and I were happy to sit in the back of the van and not be driving. Anyway Santa Rosa was little, but we did find the Russian River Brewing Co, so we did a beer sample, on our wine tour.  Then we headed out to some wineries the had been found online that offered free wine tastings. Well you know how they say nothing is free-that’s true in Sonoma. The tastings are only free if you buy the wine. We bought from the first place, The Hook and Ladder, because the wine was good, the service very friendly, and they were reasonably priced. The second place, was over priced and the service we received was rude and snobby. After that we gave up on the wine tour and head to Petaluma to pick up some delicious pies for dinner and dessert and of course a few pints at Lagunitas brewery.

Our sampler from Russian River

Our sampler from Russian River

Lagunitas good beer and food

Lagunitas good beer and food

So many pies to choose from

So many pies to choose from

Day 2 in Sonoma had us actually visit the town of Sonoma where we attempted a walking tour (way too long) and ended up stopping half way through to shop and mail post cards, had some lunch then head out to Bartholomew Park where we read there was some walking trails with lovely views. A walking trail to me sounds like it is paved and well groomed, we were wrong, instead we were hiking up dirt, unkempt trails, which usually I’d be quite happy about just that this time I was wearing flip flops and a sundress and we didn’t have a lot of water. Needles to say the hike was cut short, everyone who passed us must thought we were nuts, as they had water packs, proper shoes, hats, etc. (show offs), we headed back down hot and tired we had no choice but to retreat back to the house to drink away our rigours of the day.

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  1. Ah yes, the walking tour that we did not have the attention span for and the long hot hike that never did produce the sought after views. Dan and I tried! But the oh so lovely California wine in the lovely house after was delicious and it all makes for great memories!


  2. Think, trail was described as having ” well manicured trails ” we misunderstood that one ! Certainly not appropriate to wear a skirt and open toed sandals !


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