We arrived in Yosemite via the Tioga pass, the drive was stunning, I am sure there were oooh and aahhhs from the parental car, but can’t be sure as they turned their walkie talkie off not the first time, this led to Heather leaning out of the truck window shaking the handset around. This didn’t do the trick and when we finally stopped and Heather reprimanded them, they giggled like naughty school kids, I wish I could put Heather’s tiraid into the blog but we are trying to keep it PG, needless to say she would make a sailor blush.

We stopped on route to our campsite to hike up Lemberts Dome.   It was a good family yomp that ended at the dome, Cathy and I got there a few minutes before the rest of the group and unsure where the actual trail was took the shortest possible route to the summit as it turned out it was not the ideal route, but I did have fun taking pictures of everyone else scrambling up. The views were fantastic and Cathy declared it their first 9er*, not sure that is a thing, but hey we were all up there.

_DSC0121 _DSC0111 _DSC0117 _DSC0115 _DSC0112 _DSC0104

Our home for the next couple of nights was House Keeping Camp, odd name, not really sure why it is called that. It was an interesting set up, three walled building with one canvas wall and a canvas roof. Technically we were supposed to be able to get all 6 of us inside, in reality it is only built to house four, the two extra cots we were given didn’t quite fit in enough to close the door/wall, so H and I spent the night outside under the covered eating area. We were freezing and uncomfortable, not to mention conflicted, the Hulk was just a short walk away in the parking area, but you are not allowed to camp anywhere other the tent. Being kinda rule follows in national parks we toughed it out and felt miserable the next morning, needless to say the following night the rules were ignored.

Not exactly glamping

Not exactly glamping

While we were there we also went to see some bloody big trees in the Giant Sequoia Forrest, and a couple of waterfalls which were more dribbles**. It is a stunning park and could have easily spent a week exploring, but wine country was calling our name.



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  1. We did not turn off the walkie talkie, we were just caught up in the jaw dropping scenery! Climbing the 9er was great fun and Yosemite was beautiful!


  2. You are right Cathy, we never turned that walkie talkie off !! We may how ever have forgotten to turn it on in the first place !! Yosemite was a stunning national park and housekeeping camp a great experience and good fun , though did feel for D&H freezing in tiny cots .


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