Viva Las Vegas


The smooth transition between guests that we had planned came to a bit of a thudding halt. The thud was quite literal, rather loud, and a bit of a shocking to hear driving 120km/hr down the highway towards Las Vegas.  A couple of expletives may have left my lips as I guided us to the shoulder, to be honest the truck seemed to be fine, but as came to a stop I saw the culprit whipping around. The weather stripping had blown off the front of the camper and was now attached by just two screws, conveniently allowing it to lash the roof. More expletives as I realized that this would need some sort of attention before we could carry on, which in turn meant I would have to be messing about with it besides a very busy road. The assessment was pretty quick, just need to unscrew the two screws holding it on. The snag was that my tools live under the backseat which was currently quite occupied, to be more specific they were underneath Fletcher’s car seat, the thought of unpacking everyone was quite unappealing.

Then I had a brain wave, I have a Leatherman in the glove box, I have carried this thing around for years and never touched it.  The thought of playing with this almost forgotten toy perked me up considerably, and fortunately it worked a treat.

The stop however left us a little short on time, so Steve, Al and Fletcher were unceremoniously dumped out on the curb in front of the hotel. My biggest worry was that finding parking with clearance at the airport for the Hulk may take a while, as it turned out we fit in the regular multi-story parking, so ended up with time to kill.

Soon pale looking passengers started filing out into the arrivals hall, I didn’t need to hear them speak to know this was the flight from the UK.

Then the parentals made an appearance, three things went thru my head, first they look well, it is damn good to see them, and most of all thank god they listened and brought small luggage!!!

We even had time to make a sign

We even had time to make a sign

Now after the long flight from Manchester it was time to combat their jet lag, plan was to ply them with booze and walk them up and down the strip and into a few casinos thus over stimulating their senses. We also plied ourselves quite liberally with alcohol, which is how we ended up in a magic shop, having a personal close up magic show. This was our first hangover of the trip, I also woke up the proud owner of a card trick book.

The big PBR's were a must

The big PBR’s were a must

The scene before the magic book purchase

The scene before the magic book purchase

The next day was more exploring and shopping, we really enjoyed the new container park in Freemont, essentially a grown up play ground, complete with giant building blocks, and a tree house with slides.

Slides are awesome even as a sort of grown up

Slides are awesome even as a sort of grown up

Odd living art, fire shooting music making praying mantis type thing

Odd living art, fire shooting music making praying mantis type thing

Vegas was a lot of fun and an incredibly stark contrast to the national parks and mountains that had been our playground.

Not sure it is your typical overlanding destination, but it can be done on the cheap, week day rates are low for hotels and bizzarely some of the hotels such as Circus Circus have RV parks. There are plenty of activities that won’t break the bank, the people watching is spectacular, the strip and Freemont are great to wander and as mentioned above the container park is a blast and it’s free.   And if you want to earn a little money you can always go to MGM and be paid to watch upcoming TV shows.

Can't not put a pic of the cowboy in!!

Can’t not put a pic of the cowboy in!!

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  1. I agree Ann & Gaz did a brilliant job with their luggage and talk about magic, I was astounded with how much they were able to bring. I think they had magic compartments in them! xo


  2. Hmmm… excellent, heading back to Vegas to collect our mail. Did not know about the container park, may have to check that out. 😀


  3. Your plan to overcome the jet lag worked for one of us – Gaz conked out ( alcohol induced ??? ) as soon as head hit pillow , I may have been over stimulated visually and struggled to sleep, my brain was busy trying to process all of the eye popping sights , great fun and so hot ! xxxxx


  4. A trifle peeved Daniel x

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