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Below is some data that we plan on publishing for each country.  Let us know if there is anything that you’d like added and we’ll see what we can do.
Days in country: 16
Money spent: $2866.26 (daily average $179.14)
Distance driven: 5942km/3692miles
Longest drive: 937km/582miles (day 1)
Average distance per day: 371km/230miles
Books read: H=1 D=1
Beers tried: 28
Kilometres hiked/ran: 40.35km/25miles
Elevation gained: 2940m/9645ft
Number of times H cried: 0 (Before anyone thinks this is mean, I (Heather)have chosen to have this category.  I can be a little high strung at times and have been known to be brought to tears by just about nothing. I want to see just how often this happens living a simple existence.)
Somewhere along Lake Superior- Day 2

Somewhere along Lake Superior- Day 2

View of Howe Sound, one of our favourite places.

View of Howe Sound, one of our favourite places.


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  1. How about weather stats, everyone knows that is a favorite topic of Canadians…what about best camping at a Walmart? The list could be very long. Just keep enjoying the simple life, taking great pics oh and the beer and H shed no tears. xoxo


  2. Any chance to get highest and lowest elevation? Probably available on your GPS if you get a 3D link up with the satellites.

    You mentioned number of beers tried…the number of beers “liked” should be the same but if you come across something to definitely stay away from, I want to know!

    I think I may have seen one or so of the “crying Heather’s” before…hopefully this number stays low and is reserved for those times when you see something really beautiful like an amazing sunset, triumphing at the end of a summit hike on a 14er or a 20er in South America!

    I am living vicariously through you two and I am thinking of you each day, I wish I was there in my little 1-person tent the entire time…also drinking beers and seeing the countryside with you both!

    Oh, I think the “crying Heather’s” that I saw were justified…not about nothing…

    I like the two pics that you posted, maybe a favorite view pic and a most challenging run/hike pic of you guys exhausted showing all of us readers that you are not just drinking your way across two continents on an epic pub crawl…just kidding, I know you are doing a ton of things!


  3. H, I think that the crying stat is very harsh on yourself ! I know some of the times you have wept and boy, most people wouldn’t have pushed themselves anywhere near as much a you do ! Hoping that stat is kept to zero
    Stats on weather would be interesting, temp extremes, but hoping you encounter nothing drastic !
    Its great to be able to follow everything you are doing, keep on having fun and enjoying the good life !


  4. Hi I am with you on Howe Sound I’m so jealous hope you had great Birthday . Are you going or have you been to Yosemite National Park saw it on Television my idea of Heaven take care and love to both Nanna x x

    Sent from my iPad



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