Stretching My Legs

Below is something I (Heather) posted to my running blog, but it has some pretty great pictures of a trail in Grand Teton National Park. Enjoy!



Hello? Does anyone still run at this blog site?

Well, yes and no.

Let me get everyone up it speed since my last post. I ran very little, although I did do a 25km race that I may or may not get around to writing a report for.

I was kind of busy getting stuff done for mine and Dan’s adventure. So now that we are on said adventure have we been running? Yes and no.

We didn’t at first but have finally gotten into the swing of things and been able to get some runs under our belts. Mostly short(ish) (around 10km) but we did attempt a 20 km that ended up being cut at 14 km because we couldn’t breath – we were at 10, 000 ft. above sea level. That’s really high for people who usually run at 130 ft above sea level, but this is…

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  1. Happy Birthday Dan, wherever you are, have a good one!! loving the pics, loving the blog, is like a book to me., take care of yourselfs and enjoy your day..
    Love, Irma Mike Sarah and Alex x x x


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