Jurassic Detour




It would appear that I just can’t get enough of giant dead reptiles.

Heather should have been suspicious when she found me with an array of road maps spread across the picnic table. My eye was initially drawn to a town in the Utah Colorado border, Dinosaur, now who wouldn’t want to drive through a town called Dinosaur. Blimey and what do we have in the immediate proximity, The Dinosaur National Monument, kinda explains the origin of the towns name. Quick google search revealed that this was my kinda place. All I had to do next was devise a route from Wyoming that would take me there, and sell said route to H. No mean feat as this was not going to be the optimum route Colorado. I sold the fact that we would get to travel through Northeast Utah, taking in quaint towns, spotting sister wives, and the Wasatch Mountains. Heather studied the map for about 4 seconds, seeing instantly through my cunning rouse, “you want to look at more dinosaurs stuff don’t you?”

The Petroglyphs were also pretty cool

The Petroglyphs were also pretty cool

The Dino national monument is fantastic, and very different from the Royal Tyrall Museum in Drumheller, which is also awesome. The main attraction is the quarry, as the name implies this is essentially a quarry of Dinosaur bits. The site has been excavated since 1909 and over 400 dinosaur skeletons have been recovered. What is now left is a wall of the quarry, where there is a mish mash of bits, a head, a wing, lots of legs and spines. It was incredible to be able to see the remains in this state, no glass or rope separating the public from the Dino shmorgazboard, touching the bones was actively encouraged.

Peaking out of the rock

Peaking out of the rock

The quarry does not demand a vast amount of time, so after an hour our so we headed back to the truck via the Fossil Discovery Trail. This was a chance to spot more bits of dinosaur poking out of rocks, I was slightly miffed that Heather spotted more bits than me.

They built a roof over the quarry

They built a roof over the quarry

Bit of bone we found on our walk

Bit of bone we found on our walk

I hear that they recently discovered a lot of dinosaur stuff in the Aticama dessert, so guess that will be my next fix.

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  1. Wow! Would like to see that myself , glad to see that you are boning up on your Jurassic history ! Xxxxx


  2. You have some wonderful pics…I knew about ‘Drumheller’ never heard of the ‘Dinosaur National’,…bring on the Aticama dessert! P.S. I looked it up. xo


  3. Dave would love this place! It’s like you said, nice to see without a glass box around it all.


  4. I wondered if you might go that way but didn’t want to run awry of Heather too much by suggesting it. I went there when I was about 6 but was probably about as excited then as you are now Dan (very)!


  5. Hi Dan

    Happy birthday, hope you have found a watering hole for a beer or two! Been trying to send you an e card without success, so decided on an old fashioned e mail instead.

    Love reading your blogs.

    Have a fab day.

    Love from

    Lynn and Chris

    X x x x

    Sent from my iPad



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