And Then the Waitress Said…



The waitress said “I decided to move out to BC, after my car rolled down a hill and ran over a dozen or so kayaks in Tofino” This was a near verbatim quote, if near that is a thing, I suppose really it is either verbatim or it isn’t.

On the first "Chief" peak.

On the first “Chief” peak.

To clarify she did not move West from Ontario because the opportunities to run over small watercraft abound here, it was the reaction of the on looker’s and the kayaks’ owner that sealed the deal, she was told not to worry and a beer was inserted in her hand. I am sure that you cannot go around running over people’s stuff at will and ingratiate yourself to locals all the time, but we did experience this west coast warmth for ourselves.

Dan feeling short for a change.

Dan feeling short for a change.

In fact this chilled out vibe inspired our first true boondock*.  The same waitress suggested a spot behind a billboard which had the added advantage of being spitting distance from the Howe Sound Brewery.  Of course we spent the money we saved on camping on a slap up meal and drinks at the brew pub.

Should've lost a few more pounds before trying this one.

Should’ve lost a few more pounds before trying this one.

We went to bed that night hidden behind our billboard feeling a little naughty and a bit nervous that we would be awoken by a policeman and be thrown in jail. A little extreme, I think all that would have happened is that we would have been moved on. The night, I am happy to report, did not end with either of us locked in shackles, it was actually one of our quieter camping spots.


Of course our visit to Squamish was not just camping behind billboards and drinking beer, it was also the scene of our water poisoning realization and some spectacular hiking. We hit up the Sea to Summit trail and The Chief. Both were good solid hikes with very rewarding vistas. Think I am going to start tracking the total elevation we have hiked along with all the new beers sampled. The elevation may require a little work but I can confirm that the beer count stands at 55, not bad in 3 weeks.

'Walk the plank ye scurvy dog"

‘Walk the plank ye scurvy dog”

Next came Vancouver Island, least said the better.

* also called guerrilla camping in Canada, it is the art of finding somewhere to camp for free, ideally legally

Looking down at The Chief from The Summit with Howe Sound in the background.

Looking down at The Chief from The Summit with Howe Sound in the background.

Howe Sound

Howe Sound



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  1. Hi Dan pics excellent especially Howe Sound really love that would love to go there in my dreams you are so lucky xx D and H

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Stunning views, we are looking forward with trepidation to a few hikes with you when we come over, remember to be kind to your old mum and not expect her to be a mountaineer ! Gaz says we are not mountain goats – just old goats ! xxxxx


  3. Excellent, taking notes, liking the look of those ‘hikes’ as everyone else calls them (Kiwis call it tramping rather than hiking, but we are often misunderstood on that count). 55 is sounding like a good beer count. I thoroughly approve.


  4. Ben asked “55? What’s the target?” (Ours was 444, but we started at home and look like we’ll blitz that, so I’d suggest a high number…) 😀


  5. Canada is definitely a beautiful country with very friendly people.
    P.S. It would appear you are learning a whole new language ‘guerrilla camping and ‘boondock’ since you have been gone along with trying 55 beers! xoxo


  6. Sounds like you guys are having a good time!


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