Evidence of Loo Poo oi’yes


I know that chronology is an important part of this blogging malarkey, otherwise you run the risk of confusing your readership, especially in a travel blog where order might mean something, unless of course one has a teleportation device and could skip about the place willy nilly. We sadly have a Toyota so no teleportation, however important scientific discoveries should not wait for the discourse of painted naked people on bikes, so I am skipping ahead.

I guess I should at least set the scene a little and explain that we were in Mt Rainier national park. After a stunning drive to/thru the park we pulled up at a ranger station and discovered, that somewhat true to form the park was not entirely accessible due to….. you guessed it snow.  Unlike Glacier national park there were several hikes still open, rangers suggested several options. We opted for non of these and set out on the Laughingwater Creek trail to the Three Lakes Camp Ground.

The hike started normally enough, Heather questioned my navigation skills, I assured her that it was impossible to get lost, within 0.5 km we were somehow right back where we started ,all be it after a visit to an underwhelming hot spring*. Slight false start but once more we were underway, and that meant up, and then up a lot more, over the course of 6.2 miles we ascended 2700ish feet. I say ish because we did not quite get to our destination, it turns out that the Ranger did not offer up this trail for good reason. We had hit the snow line, not a problem if the trees are blazed, but they weren’t here. We explored for a while trying to find the natural flow of the trail, we failed.

It was however during this exploration that we** found what I am sure will be the most scientifically significant discovery of the trip. We found Bigfoot, Sasquatch, a Yeti, Loo Poo oi’yes***, well a couple of foot prints, but people spend years looking for this stuff.



Here we are, evidence.


No really it is a bigfoot


Boom see science, I found you a missing link, the handsome calves are a bonus

The discussion at the turn around point of the hike did highlight some differences in outlook though…

Heather: “Well that was a bit anti climatic”
Me: “What the hell do you mean?!”
Heather: “We didn’t make the Three Lakes”
Me: “So? We found Bigfoot, sort of”
Heather: “Hmmm”
Me: “What is that supposed to mean? Do you have a better explanation?”
Heather: “I have my theories, do we have any jerky left?”
Me: “Hmmm”

Between the two of us we did not, let’s say come to the same conclusion, so we will leave it up to you to decide, and if you are really interested the exact coordinates of the find are N 46 45.6 78 W 121 29.087****

You can let us know your thoughts by voting.


* it according to the signs used to be a resort built around the spring, in the 60′ it hit hard times and closed, unsurprising as it was little more than a warm puddle. The charlatans should be happy with the 80 odd years they were in business.

** personally I do not feel that Heather deserves much more than photo credit, especially as she thinks I am quite nuts.

*** a personal favourite of mine and the most research I have ever done for a blog.

**** may very well have melted, plus I stepped in it which probably spoils things a tad.

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  1. I liked the poll. I think Dan may have found evidence of Bigfoot yet I can still agree with Heather that Dan is a bit crazy…it was a tough call.


  2. Defo Big Foot take care Nanna x x x

    Sent from my iPad



  3. We are all for contacting National Geographic, looks like you have concrete evidence ! Xxxxx


  4. If not the original Big Foot, definitely his brother. National Geographic will get it all sorted out, looking forward to the interview and pics! xoxo


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