My Momma Told Me There’d be Day Like This



So I thought I’d take this chance to chat a little about how the trip is going.  Less than 3 weeks in and we are still adjusting, constantly. So far the one good thing we consistently do is not fight, I hope the lasts.

However there are still some things that need work. First and foremost we need to plan. We did a terrible job of this through Canada and I’m hoping it’s just because we thought, “hey it’s Canada in early June we don’t need reservations or a general idea of what we’re doing”. We showed up places that were full, we drove hundreds of kilometres to a place where we realised there was nothing we wanted to do (or more that we couldn’t afford to do it) which is a bit frustrating when filling the gas tank pretty much puts us over budget for the day. I do feel better though as we head south that we have made a few more plans, we have a clearer idea of where we’re going and now trying to research a little more about the place as we get closer, so Canada we apologise for doing such a crappy job of exploring you.


We did get some yummy cherries and asparagus from this fruit stand.

We did get some yummy cherries and asparagus from this fruit stand.

Another problem we encountered was contaminated water. We still aren’t 100% about this but I was suffering some serious GI distress after Regina, as was Dan. We filled our tank in Regina at the trailer park, we don’t think it was necessarily the water, it may have been our hose which did claim to be safe for RV’s or just the process was done incorrectly. Apparently attaching your hose to the tap turning it on and the sticking it in your tank is wrong. First you should run the water for a few minutes then you take your proper non toxic drinking hose (that has been stored with the two ends attached while not in use) attaching to the tap, run more water, the you AIM the water into your tank ensuring that the hose NEVER goes in the tank. We had to spend a whole day sanitizing everything including the tank, which is a hassle when you do have access to water like say at a house, an even bigger hassle when you are in a provincial park. Touch wood, we’ve been fine since, so hopefully we won’t have to worry about GI distress until Mexico.

Our ferry that took us to the USA.

Our ferry that took us to the USA.

Staying on budget at this point is near impossible (although we have had below budget days) but we knew this portion of the trip was going to be difficult to stay on point. We’ll just keep doing the best we can.

And please don’t get me wrong, we are having an amazing time, I just need to learn to manage my expectations and to realise it’s ok to still want your bed at home some days.

Homemade desserts and a pint of beer make everything better

Homemade desserts and a pint of beer make everything better



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  1. Sorry to learn about the water re-fill issues. If you encounter any further problems, suggest you visit any major RV dealer en route and discuss the circumstances. I think you’ll find they’re very helpful and will provide sound advice. I’m also confident you’ll develop good visiting strategies and hone them as you go. About sleeping in your own bed, maybe best to set that idea aside for a bit! 🙂


  2. Hi Dan and Heather sounds like your on a learning curve but doing very well enjoying your blog and pics take care and keep up the good work love you Nanna x x

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  3. First of all I think that you both are doing amazing well getting yourselves organised, it was always going to be an on the job learning experience, so many things to consider and only when you experience them can you deal with them ! Its great that you are getting in the swing of forward planning – you will be experts by the time we arrive ! Replying from our bed at home so do know what you mean H !! Think that’s one of the side effects for you of actually having your own home but still having itchy feet ! xxxxx


  4. You guys are doing great! By the time you come home to your lovely bed you will have it all figured out. And just think of the stories you will have to tell. So glad that Dan was able to cross sleeping in a Wal mart parking lot off his bucket list. Have fun at the Overland show, I am sure will you pick up lots of tips there. Keep on having fun, sending us pics and spot tracking. xoxo


  5. You’ll probably make it all the way through Mexico and Central America without any GI related distress, that’s just the way the universe works. 😀 Also, glad to hear it isn’t just us that are finding the budget a challenge. I personally blame beer and readily available delicious food and coffee.


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