A few Photos from our first week or so on the Road



Thought I would pop in a few pics, I have enjoyed so far, you can also follow us on flickr,  you just can’t get enough of us.



Arty farty shot of the abandoned coal mine in Drumheller


It is my educated dino hunting opinion that this rock contains bits of Dinosaurs.


Flower with purple bits


Flower with orange and yellow bits, might be named Sue


Acne lake, famous landmark out side of Osoyoos, hang on sorry that is spotted lake




Hoodooing again


Desert boardwalk

Desert boardwalk

Jump JFDI Jump, first beach of the trip

Jump JFDI Jump, first beach of the trip!

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  1. Lovely pics, looks like you are having a great time and seeing how beautiful and interesting Canada is! P.S. I hate to break it to you but Susan has black eyes…had she been drinking? Keep the pics, stories and spot tracker notifications coming…oh yeah and the phone calls are nice too. xoxoxo


  2. Hey…there is that much cool stuff in Canada…who knew? Just kidding, I am glad you seem to be really enjoying your adventure!


  3. Hi Heather love pics especially Hoodooing again and mine shaft but love comments best . Hope your both feeling better love you both Nanna Moreen x x

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