Wawa where?

Heather asked a very poignant simple question last week, “where are we going?” the answer to which I thought was pretty bloody obvious, “Argentina”.  Judging from the ‘look’ I got, this was not the answer that she was looking for, I was pretty sure this wasn’t some sort of metaphysical line of enquiry, so I offered further elaboration “we are going west and then south”.  Turns out that I was getting warmer with the West offering, but not quite all the way there apparently, “how will we get west?” was the next question, I decided that “drive” was the wrong answer, so I probed a little further.  Heather was alluding to the fact that we have spent months chatting about driving South with little thought to how on earth we would get West first, she was rightly concerned that come departure day we would hop into The Hulk and be paralyzed with navigational confusion without having some sort of plan.

It is because of this I have now heard of Wawa, Ontario, home of Winne the Pooh and a Giant 28ft tall Canada goose. Wawa will be our very first stop on our way West, we decided to stay on the Canadian side of things so that we could stop in at Thunder Bay and visit the Terry Fox Memorial.  What quickly became staggering was that it was going to take a lot of driving just to get out of Ontario, 1706 km to be precise, to put this into perspective for the Brits, Lands End to John o’ Groats (most southern and north points on the British mainland) is a mere 1407km.  It is going to take 2 and a bit days of driving just to leave our province.  So now we “know where we are going”, well at least until we get to Alberta, and with a little luck there will be many more giant creatures along the way, I already know I will be meeting Max the 18ft tall moose in Dryden.

Wheels hit the black top in 56 days.

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  1. I thought winne the pooh was British , that would be even further to travel for your first port of call though !


  2. You are going very far north to get west to go south. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather go through the states?


  3. I agree the ‘ Wawa Goose’ is legend a must see…but don’t forget the ‘Big Nickle’ in Sudbury! Just sayin…


  4. P.S. I love the little creatures we are!


  5. I recommend watching “One Week” – a guy drives his motorcycle across Canada, and see’s all of the giant things along the wayl


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