The first time I had the acronym J.F.D.I. barked at me I had no idea that it would later become something of a Mantra.

A fresh-faced graduate of one of England’s least respected universities I somehow landed an entry level position with a large UK retailer working in their corporate offices. On my first day I was summoned to the bosses office, she delivered a list of tasks for me to complete interspersed with unintelligible business jargon and to punctuate the importance and my lack of say in the tasks she wrapped up our first meeting with four letters J.F.D.I.   Sadly for my boss unlike all of the other graduate intake I did not come with Business degree, I had a degree in psychology with a minor in philosophy.  So rather naively I asked the meaning of those four letters thinking it would be something I should have learned at school, apparently not as she looked at me with an expression of utter disgust and spat “Just Fucking Do It!!”  Now I can’t remember if I completed the to do list, though the boss was an evil little troll of a woman so I would think that I would have for fear of being struck down by her supernatural troll powers, but that acronym did stay with me even if it did lay dormant for a few years.

During the dormant years I did all the things you are supposed to do, worked hardish, got a couple of promotions, got engaged, bought a house, got fat.  It did take many years to realize that none of these were things that I wanted, rather conveniently the then fiancé felt the same about me, shocking.  So the house went up for sale and I found myself at a cross roads, either I could continue trying to be a proper grown up or I could take the money from the sale of the house and bugger off around the world.  J.F.D.I. was born.  I spent 18 months following the typical backpacker trail. It was during this trip that met and fell for a cute Canadian girl, fast forward a few years and Heather and I were planning our next big trip together, a year long honeymoon thru the Middle East, Africa and India. That adventure can be seen at www.traveljournals.net/thenomads

All this travelling takes a lot of saving, and over the last few years we have been in a “trying to be grown ups/saving to runaway again” cycle. Fortunately we have had another J.F.D.I. distraction to keep us sane. We both dove headlong into the ultra running scene and have spent the last few seasons completing progressively longer races, Heather in particular who completed her first 100 mile race in 2013.

However the coffers are nearly full and it is time for the inception of JFDIOVERLAND.  J.F.D.I. obviously speaks to the philosophy behind the travel and overland the method of travel.

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  1. Will be departure day before you know it !! Having a son/daughter in law with itchy feet has its pros and cons we get to share all your adventures but can’t help worrying about what you will get up to next !!! Stay safe and happy xxxxx


  2. I was so happy to get the link to watch your travels. Missed you last year! Best of everything! Lorrie/Bill from TwoJsHomestay in Pine, AZ USA


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